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West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust


Medstor recently completed installation of a selection of high-density storage solutions across a number of departments in the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. With space at a premium in many hospitals, maintaining an orderly system for equipment and consumables can be a challenge. West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust brought Medstor in to improve storage and the working environment after having worked successfully with the company on a number of similar projects.

The project was a great success, with the more effective use of space resulting in a room in the outpatient ward, previously used for storage, being released for use as a treatment room. Items are now easily identifiable, along with their cost, so empowering staff to manage their departments more effectively. Medstor’s storage solutions assist in establishing a “productive ward” ethos, supporting lean methodology through releasing nursing time to care, reducing obsolescence through easier stock rotation, keeping stockouts to a minimum and making it easier and quicker to find items.

“It’s only a week since Medstor installed the new units but they have made such a difference to our working environment and staff morale. Something was actually offered to us and actioned within a very short time. Thank you very much on behalf of the staff. ”
Sister Beverley Earnshaw OPD

The storage solutions Medstor provided for West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust are typical of the highly effective products it designs for healthcare facilities throughout the world. Every element of each racking system or cabinet has beautifully simple, clean, sleek lines that not only complement the theatre or ward design but offer increased storage capacity, better cost efficiency through improved stock control, and dramatically enhanced infection control. As everything made by Medstor is designed and built in-house in the UK, quality is controlled from start to finish, with a dedicated team working together to guarantee the most successful and aesthetic utilisation of space.

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