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Our comprehensive range of healthcare storage solutions helps your hospital department to function as efficiently as possible, and look good, too.

Established in 1990 - part of The Stamford Group of Companies

In the 1980s, hospital coffee came courtesy of a machine rather than a barista, people expected hospital furniture to be grey and uninspiring, and nurses looking for supplies often had to struggle with heavy drawers and high cupboards.

Then along came Medstor. Launched in 1990, Medstor introduced a materials management system that would banish greyness and inefficiency forever. Beautiful colours and sleek styling housed a solution to even the most complex medical storage issues, designed to ensure supplies were easy to access, easy to monitor, and there where and when you need them most.


Every step of the way
All within your budget
Consultation, space planning, product design and installation.
From a single room to a complete hospital, we will work with you from start to finish. Our services don’t just end after the installation, it’s important to us that you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of the Medstor products and services: post-installation, fine tuning and extensive warranty offers, plus long term after sales service, will give you peace of mind for continual use.
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